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Category: Funky Czech-In

An introduction to Czech and Slovak pop music from the sixties, seventies and eighties with a touch of funk, soul, disco and jazz.


The Matadors – Shotgun from album “The Matadors”, 1968, Supraphon 0130493/1130493 (mono/stereo), Supraphon/Artia SUA13992/SUAST53992 (mono/stereo), reissued 1995 on CD Bonton 710244-2 produced by Jaromír Tůma original LP sleeve, export reissue sleeve Between 1966 and 1968 the Matadors belonged to the […]

My hobbyhorse

Pražský výběr – Můj koníček from album “Pražský výběr” a.k.a. “Straka v hrsti”, 1988, Panton 810826-1311 recorded in 1982, produced by Josef Novotný 1988 issue LP sleeve (front/back) I was thinking about a Czech song which has personally influenced me […]